Firefighters In East Kalimantan; Running Out of Food, Getting Lost, Till Passing Out In The Forest

There are sad stories from forest and land firefighters (Karhutla) in East Kalimantan. Here are their stories!
Karhutla firefighters in Labanan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. (doc. of East Kalimantan Forestry Department) -  There are sad stories from forest and land firefighters (Karhutla) in East Kalimantan.

The firefighters consisted of East Kalimantan Forestry Service Department, BPBD East Kalimantan, and the added volunteers who were members of the Zero Fire Forest.

When struggling to extinguish, they often run out of food stocks, get lost in the middle of the forest, till' they are exhausted from being exposed to too much smoke. 

Head of the Forest Damage Control Section of the East Kalimantan Forest Service, Shahar Al Haqq, said that firefighters sometimes walked tens of kilometers to the point of fire. 

Shahar, who is also the coordinator of the Zero Fire Forest team, said that the members of the firefighting team then built some posts around the fires. 

Running out of food

Supplies of water, rice and snacks become provisions every time they go down to the location. After the food supplies run out, they must return to the nearest post or go to the residential area. 

"If we have already entered the forest, the distance is for example 100 kilometers, it is impossible for our energy to be spent just for carrying some foods. We are forced to stock up just a little. And after it runs out, we are forced to return," Shahar said, Saturday (9/21/2019). 

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Communication equipment using the radio communication (HT) was only a maximum distance of 5 kilometers. 

If the distance exceeds the maximum limit, the HT will not function. Delivery of food stocks becomes constrained. 

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