Set as a 'Karhutla' Suspect, Here's the Clarification of PT GBSM!

PT Gawi Bahandep Sawit Mekar (GBSM) confirmed, the fire that occurred on its land was not due to negligence. See the details!

Set as a 'Karhutla' Suspect, Here's the Clarification of PT GBSM!
Visual of the air condition of the smog covered the road in the Tumbang Nusa Pulang Pisau bridge, Central Kalimantan - PT Gawi Bahandep Sawit Mekar (GBSM) confirmed the fire that occurred on its land was not due to negligence. 

The company responded to the decision as a suspect by the police on charges of negligence in preventing fire. 

"The fire that occurred in the GBSM concession wasn't due to deliberate or negligence," said the Head of Sustainability of PT GBSM, Rudy Prasetya in a written statement, Friday (9/27/2019). 

Rudy explained that the fire had occurred outside the company's concession area on 19-22 August 2019. However, the fire was successfully extinguished by the company, Muspika Seruyan Hilir, and also the community. 

Regarding the incident, the Law Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry visited the burned area, which is outside the company's land on August 24-25, 2019. 

From this visit, the KLHK team concluded there were no fires in the field. 

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Then, a fire with a bigger fire occurred again on September 9, 2019. Fire again occurred outside the company's property. 

Rudy claimed the company had mobilized all of the resources to handle the fire. However, the fire spread quickly to the company's land due to the strong winds. 

PT GBSM revealed that the fire they experienced was a disaster and the company had prevented and dealt with it. 

"GBSM has mobilized all of the resources to cope with the expansion of the fire area outside the concession. But the conditions of the very strong winds made the fire jump over the firebreaks or water channels which are quite wide," he said. 

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