24 Houses Rolled By Tornado, Residents at Sintai Batam Didn't Get Any Help Yet

Tornado rolled up 24 houses at Teluk Pandan social rehabilitation center or better known as Sintai 5 days ago. But yet to be touched by any assistance

24 Houses Rolled By Tornado, Residents at Sintai Batam Didn't Get Any Help Yet
One of the houses in Sintai Batuajai, Batam was badly damaged being hit by Tornado. - The residents of Sintai, Tanjunguncang Village, Batuaji Batam, which were rolled up by a tornado 5 days ago, have yet to be touched by any assistance.

Previously reported, a tornado had destroyed 24 houses as well as a Teluk Pandan social rehabilitation center or better known as Sintai, Tanjunguncang Village, Batuaji District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province.

Tornado that occurred on Friday (9/27/2019) around 10:30 WIB, leaving miserable for some families at Teluk Pandan.

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But until now the victims have not received assistance from anywhere, including from Batam City Social Service.

"During the incident, Social Affairs Department has come to the location, even from the urban village has also come. We asked to make a report to urban village by attaching photos of houses hit by a tornado. Until now there has been no continuation," said M. Nasir, chairman RW 14 Teluk Pandan.

He said for anyone who get attack by tornado, not all of them are rich.

There are only few families who have house in this disaster-hit location.

"It is true in our minds, if that it is called Teluk Pandan, have many bars. In fact, they are not. Many of our citizens who only live there but have no business," Nasir said.

He hoped that government could see the situation of residents in Sintai who get tornado disaster.

"Yes, we are also Batam citizens," said Nasir.

While in a separate place, Head of social protection division at Social Affairs Department (Dinsos) of Batam City, Nur Arifin, said that his party would provide assistance to citizens who get tornado disaster in Sintai, Batam.

But until now Batam City Social Affairs Department, has not come to the location of Sintai. ( Sitanggang)

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