Road at Marina City Batam is Severely Damaged, Many Riders Are Fooled While Rain

Marina City road more badly damaged because of rainy season in Batam City. Drivers are often fooled by crashing holes and falling. Here the condition.

Road at Marina City Batam is Severely Damaged, Many Riders Are Fooled While Rain Sitanggang
Atmosphere at Batam Marina Street is full of holes and when it rains, it's flooded. - The rainy season in Batam City makes Marina City road more badly damaged.

Many motorists are often fooled by crashing holes and falling.

The rain that had been falling more and more often, made hole in the middle of the road at Marina City road invisible.

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This makes the driver often occurs because of crashing into hole.

Marina City road, starting from Front of Health Training Center (Bapelkes) to front of Holiday Inn Hotel, is in bad condition.

That is because there are many landfill projects in Marina.

Marina City road is hard to regret for a long time, it's just that until now there has been no improvement from the government.

Marina City road is known to be provincial-owned road where the road repairs and carried out by Provincial Public Works Office.

Previously Head of Batam City Bina Marga Office, Yumasnur, said that his office had proposed the road repairs to Provincial Public Works.

"We have already proposed that we can make improvements next year," said Yumasnur.

In separate place Anwaruddin, residents of Merllion who pass Marina City road every day, deeply deplore the condition of the road, especially at night.

"When night is come, it's so dark, so drivers often fall.

Yes, if you rarely pass the marina road, you will hit holes," he said.

He also said the potholes on Marina City road were already very dangerous.

"Hole is big, too. That's why drivers are often fooled," Anwar said. ( Sitanggang).

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