BCS Mall Holds Lottery For Prize of Mazda 2 Car, Livened Up By Local Band Performance

BCS Mall will draw 14th anniversary celebrations on Sunday. There also will gives performances of local bands in the middle of door prizes drawing.

BCS Mall Holds Lottery For Prize of Mazda 2 Car, Livened Up By Local Band Performance
Illustration of BCS Mall. - Batam City Square Mall or commonly known as BCS Mall will draw 14th anniversary celebrations on Sunday (10/20).

BCS Mall Promotion Manager, Wilis said it would distribute various types of prizes on Sunday.

"The draw will be held from 5 pm, there will be performances of local bands as performer in the middle of door prizes drawing," he said on Friday (18/10).

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Wilis said the lottery holders hoped to come directly to BCS Mall on the day of the draw.

He also said during the lottery announcement, will not apply the knockout system.

"We will draw the numbers and we will contact the winners by telephone, there is no knockout," he said.

As of today, BCS Mall said Wilis has issued total of 470 thousand lottery coupons since the start of lottery period from July 20, 2019 ago.

"The enthusiasm of public is very good, especially towards the end of October 20, increasing exchange rates for coupons," he said.

The prizes that will be distributed include TV, washing machine, motorcycle, shopping vouchers and others.

For the grand prize is one unit of Mazda 2.

All prizes can be obtained by exchanging minimum receipt of IDR 100,000 in the tenants at BCS Mall.

While for every gold and cellphone purchase at BCS Mall with minimum shopping of IDR 500 thousand, visitors are entitled to get one lottery coupon.

Wilis said that public still had the opportunity to shop, exchange groceries receipts, and enter lottery coupons in the box provided by BCS Mall until 19 October 2019.

"Because on October 20, we will seal the lottery box," he said.

Currently, BCS Mall entering the stage of improving Mall services and facilities to make visitors who come more comfortable. "Evidenced by the existence of several new tenants in BCS Mall," he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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