New Year Celebration in Batam, Radisson Will Hold 'Black & Gold Moonlight Pool Party' Event

Radisson Golf & Convention Center has prepared new year celebration for their visitors. They will raise party theme 'Black & Moonlight Pool Party'.

New Year Celebration in Batam, Radisson Will Hold 'Black & Gold Moonlight Pool Party' Event
Radisson Golf & Convention Center's Bite Restaurant will hold new year's celebration on 31 December 2019. - Although it is still 2 months from now, Radisson Golf & Convention Center has prepared an agenda for the turn of 2019.

Director of Sales at Radisson Golf & Convention Center, Suriyanti Panjaitan, said her party could indeed be said to be the host in celebration of New Year's Eve in Batam.

"For this year we give different concept, where we will raise the theme 'Black & Moonlight Pool Party' at celebration on 31 December 2019," she said, Thursday (10/17/2019).

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Later, these activities will be enveloped in Pool Party atmosphere without leaving the impression of Elegant Chic.

The event, will also be enlivened by several performances from the band, dances, Fire Juggling attraction performed by Floo Duo, Water Percussion attraction by Melodivo Percussion and special performances from DJ Sharon.

 "Not only that, there will also be spectacular fireworks display at the turn of the year," said Suriyanti.

Guests can also enjoy buffet menu with variety of foods and drinks such as various breads, salads, seafood, various Japanese foods, Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Mexican, and foods from Italy.

Radisson Batam itself said Suriyani set the price of this event at IDR 600 thousand per person and provided VIP table with limited quota for 50 people at cost of IDR 750 thousand per person whose reservations could be made as of today.

"It could also for those who want to stay, we have New Year's Eve Dinner for 2 people and breakfast for 2 people also starting from IDR 4.7 million per night," he said.

At the end of event, Suriyati also said there would be door prize for guests with variety of attractive prizes, one of them was tourist trip to Maldives for 2 people. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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