DANGER! Batam Simpang Kara Road 'Turned' Into Wild Race Arena at Dawn

Simpang Kara / Simpang Camo to Simpang Frengky road 'transformed' into a racecourse and tracks by teenagers. It was seen at dawn on Sunday (20/10).

DANGER! Batam Simpang Kara Road 'Turned' Into Wild Race Arena at Dawn
Wild race takes place at Batam Center, Batam, Sunday (6/10/2019). - The road has just been widened by government in Batam Centre area, especially at Jalan Ahmad Yani, precisely at Simpang Kara / Simpang Camo to Simpang Frengky , apparently turned out to be abused by teenagers.

At dawn, the road was 'transformed' into a racecourse and tracks.

It was seen when was at the location on Sunday (10/20/2019) in the morning around 01.46 WIB until 02.49 WIB.

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Hundreds of teenagers communities are doing wild racing action (tracks) that not only endanger their lives but also road users who pass through these public roads.

There is no supervision and decisive action from the authorities against teenagers who carry out the action of tracks on the highway.

Though at Simpang Kara itself there stood a police post but unfortunately there was no visible guard on duty there.

In fact, some time ago the police and related agencies had carried out public order security rally (Kamtibmas) led by Barelang Police Chief AKBP Prasetyo.

When confirmed related to Kamtibmas patrol will be conducted 24 hours until after the inauguration of President and Vice President.

"We will carry out activities (full 24 hours and divided per shift until President's inauguration is completed at the 21st," said AKBP Prasetyo.

The activities which were made into the tracks of hundreds teenagers were still carrying out their reckless actions.

A resident who sells near Simpang Kara / Camo hopes that related parties take a firm stand on the actions of tracks before there are casualties.

"Be firmly stated, don't let appear new victims," said a trader who did not want to be named. ( hamapu)

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