Dapur 12 Street Side in Batam Becomes Resident's Dustbin

Residents of Sei Pelunggut dumped rubbish at the streets in Dapur 12, Batam. This people who passing near the area, cover their noses while throwing.

Dapur 12 Street Side in Batam Becomes Resident's Dustbin
Garbage is discarded by residents along the road at Dapur 12 Sagulung. - The streets in Dapur 12, Kelurahan Sei Pelunggut, Sagulung, Batam are full of rubbish dumped by residents passing near the area.

When passing by, they occasionally cover their noses while throwing bags of garbage to the side of the road.

That is the activity of residents every time they cross Jalan Dapur 12 Sei Pelunggut Urban Village, Sagulung.

New Year Celebration in Batam, Radisson Will Hold Black & Gold Moonlight Pool Party Event monitoring, Monday (10/21/2019) the pile of garbage is increasingly scattered to shoulder of the road and piled under trees that are still shady like a forest in the middle of the city.

Occasionally, a driver in uniform of shipyard company employee who wants to go work brings household waste to be disposed at that location.

"Want go to work, as well as bringing trash from the house to be thrown away," said one driver while throwing garbage from his vehicle.

"Residents around, and people who want to go work normally also throw trash here," he continued.

Although there is no garbage bin, the location is now a landfill.

The colorful plastic garbage bags adorn the villages in Sei Pelunggut. (

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