ISIS Leader, Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was Reportedly Killed Along With His 2 Wives

Based on reports from a number of US media, the operation was ordered directly by President Donald Trump targeting the northern region of Syria.

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Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi Died - ISIS leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was reportedly killed along with his two wives when US special forces invaded.

Based on reports from a number of US media, the operation was ordered directly by President Donald Trump targeting the northern region of Syria.

Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was reported killed by blowing up a suicide bomb vest after he knew he had no chance to escape. 

Newsweek reported, via the Daily Mirror, Sunday (10/27/2019), besides the two wives of the ISIS leader, there were no injuries from US troops.

The news came after Trump tweeted "something big just happened" on Twitter without giving further details.

ISIS Leader, Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, Reportedly Killed Himself (Suicide)

Sources from internal Washington said the Pentagon deployed an operation targeting one of ISIS's remaining bases in Syria.

Its mission is to locate "high-value targets", which are believed to be Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi. The statement was also justified by military sources. 

The source told to Reuters the US had indeed launched a military operation against Baghdadi. But he did not reveal whether it worked.

It was reported that the Foreign Ministry told the White House they were "certain" that Baghdadi was dead, with verification that the truth was still waiting.

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The mission of the Special Operations Command was held on Saturday (10/26/2019), after the emergence of intelligence reports from Syria.

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