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After 5 Days, Body of Drown Victim Found in Sekupang Batam

The body of a drown victim finally found after five days of searching. SAR team who found the body said the body was found in the morning on Tuesday.

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SAR Team succeeded finding the drowned victim in Sekupang, Batam, Tuesday (11/5/2019). - After five days of searching, finally the body of Derven Elson (29) was found not far from the location of victims sinking at Tanjungpinggir waters, Sekupang, Batam.

SAR Team found victim dead, on Tuesday (11/5/2019) at 08.30 WIB in the morning.

Derven himself drowned allegedly due to cramps while looking for shells since (1/11/2019) ago.

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The discovery of victims was delivered by Tanjungpinang Basarnas Public Relations Agus Satria.

"SAR team succeeded to finding the victim in a state of death," he said.

He conveyed, the team found victim with a distance of 300 M from the location of victim's sinking.

"Next, the victims were evacuated to Riau Islands Police Bhayangkara Hospital," he said. (

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