Had Experienced a Network Disruption, This is the Cause of Telkomsel Internet Disruption

Telkomsel provider network had experienced interference today, Monday (5/1/2019), around 10:30 WIB.
The illustration of Network - Telkomsel provider network had experienced interference today, Monday (5/1/2019), around 10:30 WIB. As a result of the signal interference, Telkomsel became a trending topic on Twitter social media.

Related to this, General Manager of External Corporate Communications Telkomsel, Aldin Hasyim provided an explanation. He revealed that there had been a decline in the quality of internet data services. 

After experiencing network disruption, Telkomsel currently has no problems. Although no more natural disturbances, the Telkomsel continues to check that the internet network is stable again. 

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Telkomsel promises to provide the best service for all of its customers. Telkomsel's management also apologizes for the network disruption that occurred today.

During signal interruptions, citizens on Twitter expressed their frustration to Telkomsel on average. Including criticism about the price of Telkomsel internet packages which are considered not commensurate with the quality of services provided.

"When your paket yang paling mahal is ngadet ngadet suddenly, why should i do?," wrote the account @malindaph. (*) 

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