Anticipating Floods on Rainy Season, Sagulung Batam Bring Down Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment was lowered to normalize the waterways around Kaveling Mandiri, Sagulung Kota Village, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands.

Anticipating Floods on Rainy Season, Sagulung Batam Bring Down Heavy Equipment sitanggang
Heavy equipment doing normalization in Sagulung. - Head of Sagulung District mobilized a heavy equipment unit in Kaveling Mandiri, Sagulung Kota Village, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, Wednesday (11/06/2019).

The heavy equipment was lowered to normalize the waterways there.

This step is taken to anticipate the occurrence of floods.

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Drainage canal in Kaveling Mandiri, is the main channel for water channels from several plots in Sagulung, such as Sagulung Jaya, Kaveling lama and part of Kaveling Seroja.

That drainage channel at Kaveling Mandiri connects the channel from Kaveling lama to Kaveling Flamboyan and flows into Langkai River to the sea.

Head of Sagulung Subdistrict,  Reja Khadafy said that the normalization of channel would be carried out to maximum extent, so it could not cause flooding which can harm residents. Bearing in mind the rainy season is already entering these days.

"We are trying to normalize the channels, especially those in the middle of settlements to avoid flooding," Reza told

He appealed to public for maintain cleanliness, and not to throw away rubbish. so the rubbish was not caught in the channel.

"We have carried out normalization of the channel. Let us together maintain cleanliness, let the channel is not easily blocked," said Reza. ( Sitanggang)

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