Tried to Run Away, International Narcotics Network Shot Dead in Batam

An international narcotics network shot dead by police for trying to escape. Circulation of narcotics in Riau Islands Province also became a concern.

Tried to Run Away, International Narcotics Network Shot Dead in Batam Nusantara
Drug exposure, an international narcotics network subject on Wednesday (11/06/2019) 

Both have different roles. Akiong has the duty to control the entry and distribution of illicit goods.

While Apeng a.k.a Edi, is tasked with conditioning activities in the field.

"From these two names Edi Johan was obtained as an operator for implementation in the field. There were 12 kg of methamphetamine, 200 pills of ecstasy, and as many as 550 Happy Five pills which we secured," he explained.

Yan Fitri said, for this incident, surveillance of methamphetamine circulation and other types of narcotics in Riau Islands Province was the most important thing.

Because, Riau Islands are at the sea border. Very close to Singapore and Malaysia.

"Notabene from Malaysia for circulation. The goods on average are similar, and indeed usually shaped tea boxes from China," he explained.

In fact, Yan Fitri explained that narcotics market share in Indonesia is very attractive to this international group.

Because, Indonesia has a fairly dense population.

"And indeed our citizens have been used to circulate. This is very dangerous for the younger generation," he complained.

Beside narcotics earlier, the police also detained evidence in the form of two mobile phone units with different brands, usual Nokia black and Samsung folding maroon.

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