The Return of Ismeth Abdullah, Make Sure Forward in the 2020 KEPRI Pilgub 'Im Not a Thief'

The former Governor of the Riau Islands in the period 2006 - 2010, Ismet Abdullah is predicted to enliven the upcoming Kepri Governor election 2020.

Ismeth Abdullah 

Sure or not that's the God's Almighty business, we just try. Success or not, we leave it to God. Our intentions are sincere for the people, not for my personal self. So whatever the outcome will be, we return it to the Almighty and the people who will choose us. 

In some surveys, you excel, do you know about that?

Ismeth said that he did not want to be sedated with the current survey. Because according to him, it is very dangerous if we are anesthetized by polling. However, even so, according to Ismeth, it remains a measure for him. "It's dangerous if we take a survey poll, but that will also be a benchmark," he said. 

Any doubts regarding the status of ex-convicts?

Ismeth responded to this question immediately, according to Ismeth this matter would not be discussed in the DPR.

"That is not true, the DPR member said that it would not be discussed in the DPR," he said. Therefore, Ismeth sure can go forward. 

Is there any strategy to counter the attacks from political opponents related to ex-convicts?

We have been open-minded to the public about this matter, we have socialized it to the community, the community has been able to judge, you (Tribun Batam) ask anyone who would already know, even those who are eager to encourage me because the community knows I'm not a thief. 

Are There Messages for Rival in Political Parties?

Siding with the small people, channeling a budget that can improve the people's economy, especially to the small people (poor), which can encourage economic growth. 

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