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Before Drowning in Batam View Resort, Dody Had Shouted For Help

The victim that drowned at Batam View Resort, Dody Kurniawan (20) was found by Barelang Police. Dody's body was found not far from fishing location.

After searching for two days, finally the body of Dody Kurniawan (20) was found around Nongsa waters, Batam City, Wednesday (11/13/2019). - Kasatreskrim Barelang Police, AKP Andri Kurniawan, confirmed had discovery of Dody Kurniawan (20) body, the victim drowned at Batam View Resort, Batam, last Monday (11/11/2019).

According to Andri, Dody's body was found not far from the location where he was fishing.

"The location is not far. And today around this morning was found," he explained.

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Besides that, according to Andri's story, it was known that Dody had shouted for help before he finally drowned.

"Allegedly fell and then sank. For the body was taken to Bhayangkara Hospital," he continued.

Disappear Two Days

Previously reported, after searching for two days, finally Dody Kurniawan (20) body was found around Nongsa waters, Batam City, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

Dody's body was found floating around the waters by using a blue jumper jacket and black trousers.

Dody's body discovery was estimated at around 07.00 WIB.

"Thank God it has been found. And now it is said to be taken to Bhayangkara Hospital," said Try, a friend of Dody.

When found, Dody's body seemed to swell.

Previously, Dody reportedly disappeared on Monday (11/11/2019) afternoon.

At that time he allegedly fell and finally sank.

Dody himself is an employee of Batam View Resort.

At the time of incident, he was known to be fishing around Batam View Resort, Batam City. (

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