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Batam City Artists and Disbudpar Formed Regional Film Commission in Batam

Batam City has potential of making movies. Some filmmakers or expertise exist in Batam. Regional Film Commission is to develop all local filmmakers. halawa
Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata, took a group photo after FGD formed Regional Film Commission in Batam. - The ability of Batam residents in film is considered to have potential.

There are some filmmakers or have expertise about the ways and techniques of filmmaking in Batam.

Seeing that potential, Batam City Culture and Tourism Department (Disbudpar) held Focus Group Discussion (FGD), to form Regional Film Commission.

The aim of Regional Film Commission is to develop the potential of local filmmakers.

"City Government initiated the formation of Batam Film Commission, before we had started the FGD," said Head of Batam City Kadisbupar, Ardiwinata on Monday (2/12/2019).

The formation of Regional Film Commission was based on the phenomenon of many young filmmakers in Batam who had great potential, but encountered many obstacles in creating.

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"Therefore, the government as a catalyst and facilitator wants to take a role in improving the quality of films produced by filmmakers.

How to embrace them, so we could help young filmmakers in producing, "said Ardi.

Film is one of creative economy sub-sectors , so the government must intervene to help filmmakers.

With Batam Film Commission, Ardi, hopes to accelerate the production process, such as licensing, procurement of 'talent', providing training and so on.

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