Patrol Boat Owned by Customs Reportedly Hit Speedboat

Patrol ships belongs to customs reportedly crashed a speedboat. One crew member was reported dead and was taken to a hospital. Here are the chronology

Patrol Boat Owned by Customs Reportedly Hit Speedboat
Illustration of ship collision. - Patrol ships belonging to Customs and Excise reportedly crashed into a speedboat unit around the border waters of Indonesia and Malaysia.

From the information gathered, this sea accident caused the speedboat crew that collided with the patrol to die.

One crew member with the initials Ba was reported dead and was taken to a hospital in Batam City.

While one other victim with the initials Ac has not been found.

According to a Tribun source, the patrol boat is believed belong to Regional Office (Kanwil) of Riau Islands Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC).

"It happened Sunday (1/12/2019) night around nine o'clock at night (21:00 WIB)," said the source, Monday (11/02/2019).

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This source said, the victims who died were already in Tanjung Sengkuang Batam.

While other victims are still in search.

"The information said, he has been buried as well. While who has not been found is still in the search," he said.

Riau Islands DJBC Regional Office Public Relation Refly confirmed by Tribun through a message on WhatsApp application claimed to have heard this news.

"Ready, there is no exact info yet. Later If i got the info, but now we are preparing the release," said Refly. (

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