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Traders in Tanjungpinang Sell Special Christmas Knick Knacks

Welcoming Christmas on 25th December 2019, Tanjungpinang traders already sells some accessories trinkets or knick knacks related to Christmas tree.
One of store in Gambir Street's new market, Tanjungpinang Kota District, Tanjungpinang City that sells Christmas trinkets, Monday (2/12/2019). - Ahead of Christmas 25th December 2019, accessories trinkets or knick knacks began to be sold by traders in Tanjungpinang.

Based on observation, in Pasar Baru area of ​​Gambir street, Tanjungpinang Kota District, Tanjungpinang, already more than two stores sell these Christmas trinkets.

Trinkets ranging from Christmas trees, till accessories like bells, decorative lights, stars, dolls, ribbons, and others have also been displayed at various stores.

Prices are also varied. Starting from Christmas tree for IDR 180 thousand to IDR 800 thousand.

"Depending on the shape of tree, and the height of Christmas tree. The higher the more expensive," said one trader, Koko, Monday (2/12/2019).

Koko said that accessories were also sold at various prices, ranging from IDR 9 thousand to IDR 45 thousand.

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He also said, the sale of Christmas trees and accessories trinkets had begun to be hunted by buyers.

Although he was reluctant to mention the turnover in one day, Koko admitted that the crowd of buyers would be more visible ahead of 5 days to welcome Christmas.

"It's been so busy of buying. If people ask today, but tomorrow they want to buy. Sometimes, when they come again, they don't have the items they want because already sold," he said. ( Kaputra)

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