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Lion Air Group Strengthens Aviation Operation, Inaugurate 97 Flight Crews

Lion Air Group has inaugurate 97 flight crews. With this appointment, it strengthened more than 5,600 Lion Air Group air crews. Here's the details.

97 crew members of Lion Air Group Inauguration. - Lion Air (JT flight code), Wings Air (IW flight code), Batik Air (ID flight code) member of Lion Air Group has confirmed the air crew in the context of position promotion.

The appointment consisted of 37 pilots (initial captain), 30 copilots (first officer) and 30 cabin flight leaders (senior flight attendants).

With this appointment, it strengthened more than 5,600 Lion Air Group air crews in Indonesia.

Ceremony was conducted by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Batik Air, Capt. Achmad Luthfie along with the management of each airline.

"This step at the same time provides pride and appreciation, so it is expected be able to answer the assignment challenges in carrying out company's mission and operations every day," said Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Tuesday (11/02/2019) in the release accepted by

Danang said the inauguration was an opportunity for flight crew to advance in company through promotion.

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"The crew must maintain license and apply a professional performance system," he said.

The role is a profession characterized by itself, driven by willingness and ability to work for serve passengers or guests on every air trip as a form of improving service quality.

The inauguration was realized in an effort to improve the quality of all human resources.

From the operational side, Lion Air Group is very focused on developing human resources (HR) in each line, including the flight crew by making maximum use of Lion Air Group Training Center and nine simulators.

In HR development strategy, Lion Air Group has a firm view that ability, intelligence, skills, talents and self-potential must always be made refreshed (recurrent), coaching and regeneration.

Danang assessed that all flight crew members must be disciplined in compliance with company rules, Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (PKPS) of Republic Indonesia (CASR RI).

"This is to ensure flight safety for passengers, crew on duty as well as other parties," he said.

In line with establishing air crew quality, Lion Air Group carries out various innovations and transformations, one of them is bringing in new aircraft (aircraft rejuvenation). (* / / Nabella Hastin Pinakesti)

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