Typhoon in Philippines, BMKG Predicts 6 Meters Wave Height in North Natuna Sea

Cause by typhoon Kammuri in Philippines, BMKG predicted high waves in northern Natuna waters reach 6 meters. Here's waters condition around Batam.

Typhoon in Philippines, BMKG Predicts 6 Meters Wave Height in North Natuna Sea
Illustration of high waves. - High waves in northern Natuna waters are predicted to penetrate till 6 meter figure.

Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Class I Hang Nadim Batam Meteorology Station said the high sea waves were the result of typhoon Kammuri in Philippines.

BMKG estimates the wave height around Anambas waters could reach 4 meters.

While in Bintan and Tanjungpinang waters, wave height reaches 2.5 meters.

Potential high waves reaching 2 meters were also recorded in Lingga Regency.

While in the waters around Batam and Karimun, wave height is predicted to reach one meter.

BMKG also provides a warning for high waves potential that occur in Riau Islands waters.

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"For sea transportation and marine activities, it is advisable to be on guard against high waves in the waters of Bintan, Lingga, Natuna and Anambas," said Forecaster on duty, Made Rony, Wednesday (12/12/2019).

Made said typhoon Kammuri, known in the Philippines as Tisoy, caused a buildup of air masses in Riau Islands (Kepri) region which increased the chance of forming rain clouds.

In general, weather conditions in Riau Islands are predicted to have a moderate to heavy local rainfall that can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds.

For air temperatures in Riau Islands ranging from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius, with wind speeds of 5 to 35 kilometers per hour, and humidity to 65 to 98 percent.

"For heavy rains in the morning and afternoon has the potential to occur in Lingga region," he said. (

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