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Tourists Running in Fear, Online and Conventional Taxi Driver Had Conflict Again

Chaos between online and conventional taxi occur again at Batam Center International Port. Foreign tourist running in fear and screaming while watch.

Foreign tourists see the commotion between online and conventional taxi drivers at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (12/03/2019) - The chaos between online and conventional taxi again occurred in Batam precisely at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (12/03/2019).

Ironically, the incident was witnessed firsthand by foreign tourists returning to their home countries through Batam Center International Port, Batam.

In fact, the chaos between online taxi drivers and base taxis is a spectacle for foreign tourists and recorded through their smartphones.

Fights between the two parties occurred at the entrance to Batam Center International port.

Until now, Batam Center port security officer and KKP Police have been conducting negotiations between these two parties.

This fight and chaotic, not the first occurred in Batam because previously they were had conflict at Hang Nadim Airport in Batam.

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Not only neighbor citizens, even a number of Caucasians Australian citizens also had time to record and capture video, also photos when the commotion occurred.

A man who had just arrived from Singapore stood on pedestrian crossing bridge (JPO) then took his cellphone and recorded this event.

Not only recording, the man also took pictures many times.

When asked by reporters, the man was reluctant to comment.

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