Welcoming Solar Eclipse, Here's The List of Interesting Events in Tanjungpinang

Ring Solar Eclipse will appear in the sky of Tanjungpinang City. For welcoming this rare event, Some events will also be held by Tanjungpinang City.

Welcoming Solar Eclipse, Here's The List of Interesting Events in Tanjungpinang
Illustration of solar eclipse in Indonesia. 

He mentioned, beside Gonggong Building, Penyengat Island could be used as an option for viewing the ring solar eclipse.

Because the small island that is directly facing Tanjungpinang City is one of the origins for development of astronomy or astrology in Malay culture.

King Ahmad, who wrote a poetical book on astronomy, developed this knowledge on Penyengat Island.

Beside that, in the history of King Ahmad and his book which is located on Penyengat Island also has an important role in predicting the existence of ring solar eclipse that occurred hundreds of years ago.

For information, ring solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun, resulting in the shadow of the moon falling on surface of the earth.

The area inside the shadow will experience an eclipse.

However, not every solar eclipse always occurs.

This is due to differences in the inclination of lunar orbit and the earth's orbit.

A solar eclipse can occur once every 18 months on earth.

However, a solar eclipse occurs in the same place on earth is estimated to occur only on average 350 to 410 years.

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