Hold Fireworks Party, Here's The Excitement of Chinese New Year 2020 Celebration in Batam

Fireworks party holds in Bumi Indah Nagoya Batam Complex on Friday (1/24/2020). This activity to welcoming and celebrate the turn of Chinese New Year

Hold Fireworks Party, Here's The Excitement of Chinese New Year 2020 Celebration in Batam
The performance of lion dance enlivened Chinese New Year 2571/2020 celebration at Bumi Indah Complex,Nagoya on Friday (1/24/2020) - At around 21:30 WIB Batam residents had packed Bumi Indah Nagoya Batam Complex on Friday (1/24/2020).

Batam residents who thronged the location which is located next to Martabak Har Batam to celebrate the turn of Chinese New Year 2571/2020 which is indeed centered at this location.

It seems that Batam residents from various circles are enthusiastic to watch this Chinese New Year welcoming event series.

Given the appearance of band who appeared on stage, Chinese New Year welcoming event attracted the attention of residents.

Not to forget there was also a lion dance performance.

The explosion of fireworks also enlivened the welcoming Chinese New Year 2020.

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Fireworks began the welcoming ceremony this year.

After the fireworks exploded, they were welcomed by lion dance performance.

Residents looked surprise and happy with this action.

They also seemed not want to miss the moment by capturing it with cellphone camera. (

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