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Chinese New Year Holidays, Singapore and Malaysia Still Become Favorite Destination

Welcoming Chinese New Year holiday, Batam residents are still interested visiting Singapore for destinations. Many people choose the one day trip.

Chinese New Year 2020. - Ahead of Chinese New Year holiday this weekend, destinations to Singapore and Malaysia are still in great demand.

From the data collected on Thursday (1/23) to several tour and travel agents in Batam, City Tour abroad is still an option to fill the holidays.

As Alfarez tour in Bengkong region, which also provides tours to several countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Vita, Alfarez travel owner said for Chinese New Year holiday this time residents are still interested visiting Singapore for destinations.

"Many people come to Singapore for Chinese New Year, usually one day trip. Trip day to night so you can see the beauty of night there," said Vita.

Vita admitted that this year's holidays were a little different from previous years.

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"If travel compared to previous year is sluggish, yes, but not too quiet. Because there are Instagram and other social media people make updates about tourist attractions and want to come directly," said Vita.

The same thing when TribunBatam visited Anshun Travel, located in Kara intersection.

Flora, an Anshun Travel employee, revealed that tourists are still interested for visiting Singapore.

"Our package is still busy, indeed to Singapore, people still like the City Tour package we have," explained Flora.

Flora added that Anshun had several choices of tour packages, ranging from domestic till Malaysia and Singapore.

"Choice of packages for one day, and stay for Malaysia or Singapore. And there are also packages directly from Malaysia and Singapore, so departing from Batam to Johor Baru, later returning from Singapore, most people choose this package," Flora said.

Things are different according to Flora, precisely in the company some tourists who use tour services has increased this year.

"Although it is not much, there has been an increase this year, about 20 percent," Flora concluded. ( Nasution)

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