Port Officers in Batam Anxious of Corona Virus Arrives in Singapore

Corona virus is increasingly become concern for Batam citizens. Officer at Batam Center International Port worried to hear Corona virus in Singapore.

Port Officers in Batam Anxious of Corona Virus Arrives in Singapore
Anticipating the entry of Corona Virus, officers check the body temperature of tourists who have just arrived at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (1/28/2020) - The spread of Corona virus is increasingly being concern for Batam citizens.

Moreover, the virus from Wuhan, China (China), has attacked as many as five people in Singapore, a neighboring country adjacent to Batam City.

"Of course we are fear. Moreover, we often interact with citizens from neighboring countries," said one officer at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (1/28/2020).

The official, who did not want to be named, said he was worried of dangerous virus spread would enter Batam City.

"Hopefully not. It's better to prevent than cure," he continued.

Meanwhile, of the five people in Singapore who were positive infected by Corona virus was almost entirely China citizen.

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"Until yesterday are 4. This morning was confirmed, has added 1," said Ambassador of Republic Indonesia to Singapore, I Gede Ngurah Swajaya to TribunBatam, Tuesday (1/28/2020).

This also received the spotlight from Singapore Government.

No exception for Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who are there.

But according to Gede again, so far there has been no attempt to repatriate this virus even though it has terrorized the country which is famous for its lion statue.

"Not yet to there," he concluded regarding efforts to prevent Corona Virus for Indonesian citizens in Singapore. (

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