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Isdianto Affirms, There are No Positive Patients Exposed to Corona Virus in Riau Islands

Ad-interim Governor of Riau Islands Isdianto asserted there has been no positive treatment for patients who exposed to the corona virus.
Ad-interim Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto asserted, until now there have been no positive patients infected the Corona virus in the Riau Islands (Kepri). -  Ad-interim Governor of Riau Islands Isdianto asserted there has been no positive treatment for patients who exposed to the Corona virus

"Including tourists who come to the Riau Islands. Nobody is exposed to the virus," he said after visiting the Sri Bintan Pura Tanjungpinang International port on Thursday (1/30/2020).

Isdianto did receive a report, there were several foreigners who were suspected of being infected. After examination, it turns out that the foreigner was negatively exposed to the Corona virus

"About 8 foreigners who were suspected of being infected have all gone home, because it is not proven. Only a fever, and a normal cough," he said.

He also received a report that a Batam resident was being examined in the isolation room at Embung Fatimah Hospital because it was indicated that he had contracted the Corona virus.

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"But there has been no result yet, the medical team is still observing. Of course we hope, it is just normal sickness," he said. 

Isdianto asserted, relevant agencies continue to carry out strict checks at every entrance of the Riau Islands

"Anticipation becomes the most important thing, if the checking through the entrance is maximal, it means that it will not be a problem anymore," he said. ( kaputra) 

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