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Impact of PMK 199, Package Delivery from Batam via PT Pos Dropped by 70 percent in the First 3 days

Shipments of goods from the Batam Post Office experienced a significant decline at the beginning of the PMK 199/2019. RUDI SERPARA
The atmosphere at the Batam Post Office. Batam online traders have complained about the difficulty of sending goods outside Batam lately. - Since the enactment of the application of the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) No.199 PMK.04 / 2019, there has been a decrease in the intensity of shipping goods out of Batam in the past week.

This was revealed by the Head of the Batam Post Office, Masni Gardenia Augusta.

He said, shipments of goods from the Batam Post Office experienced a significant decline at the beginning of the PMK 199/2019. In the first three days, there was a decrease of up to 70 percent compared to normal conditions. 

"The number of PT Pos shipments has dropped considerably. Usually the shipment is around 8 thousand to 9 thousand packages per day, now it has dropped to only around 2 thousand," said Masni, Friday (02/07/2020) afternoon. 

He acknowledged, this condition did not last long. On the 4th day after the enactment of PMK 199, shipping conditions began to improve. 

He added, currently the number of package delivery of goods through the Batam Post Office has touched the number of 5 thousand packages in a day. 

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He considered, the decline occurred because of the online trade is still holding their shipments. Worried that the shipments are pending.

As we know, the initial amount, which is around USD 75, has fallen to USD 3. This application has been running for around 8 days. 

As a result, people who want to send goods outside Batam not only have to pay shipping costs, but will also be subject to goods tax.

However, the tax rate only applies to special imported goods, such as bags, shoes and textile products with a value of goods above 3 US dollars. ( Uly Sianturi) 

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