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Batam City's Clean Water Threatened, BP Batam Predicts Long Drought in February

The availability of clean water in Batam City is running low. This month is predicted to occur long drought. Rainfall as source of raw water in Batam.

Duriangkang Reservoir Aerial Capture. Currently Duriangkang Reservoir Supports the Need of 70 Percent Clean Water in Batam City. - The availability of clean water in Batam City is running low.

Raw Water Manager, BP Batam Facilities and Environment Business Agency, Hadjad Widagdo, said that February is a difficult month for Batam City.

From a report received by BP Batam, this month is predicted to occur long drought.

As is known, rainfall is a source of raw water availability in Batam City.

Meanwhile, rainfall is an anticipation of the supply for raw water in Batam City.

"We are looking for solutions by utilizing all available natural resources. We will use these together as our efforts to manage existing water sources and of course for the benefit of residents and Industry," he said, Sunday (02/09/2020).

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Head of Batam Class 1 Meteorological Station Hall, I Wayan Mustika admitted the intensity of rain is predicted to be minimal in February.

This is because the strong wind direction factor is blowing from the north, so that water vapor above the surface of Riau Islands is carried by wind.

"The influence of this particular February is wind.

If the direction of wind is blowing very strongly from the north causing water vapor above the surface of Riau Islands to be the point of water carried to south.

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