Prevent Corona Virus, Indonesian Embassy Reveals Singapore's System To Detect Covid-19

Indonesian Embassy for Singapore also revealed that Singapore government already has sophisticated tools in detecting Corona virus. Here's the details

Illustration of Corona virus. - Not long ago, Head of Riau Islands Health Department, Tjetjep Yudiana mentioned the limitations of technology and human resources (HR) to be one of obstacles in detecting Corona virus spread.

He said the detection of virus itself to Riau Islands could only touch three clusters.

"So for those who are closed contact, they can only be traced a little.

While in Singapore there are already six clusters," he said, saying that if the travel history of VP (37), Singaporeans were positive for Corona virus, heading to Batam was first known from Singapore Government.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Embassy for Singapore also revealed that the government already has sophisticated tools in detecting Corona virus.

"I do not understand the name of the tool. But the device can detect in just three hours," said Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Ngurah Swajaya to TribunBatam, Thursday (05/03/2020).

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From this tool, Singaporean Government could contact tracking of anyone has interacted directly with patients who have been stated positive.

"It is effective. Can track anyone who is closed contact or close to the patient and immediately carried out tests when successfully found," he said.

To answer vigilance against the spread of Corona virus, Indonesia Government plans to build a special hospital for Corona virus treatment in Galang, Batam City.

However, this discourse raises the pros and cons.

Some Batam residents even regret if the special hospital was still established.

"He said it would be built at Camp Vietnam. That would eliminate cultural heritage.

There should be other considerations," said one Batam resident to TribunBatam. (

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