Hundred of Singaporeans Going In and Out of Batam Every Day, Number of Shipping Decreases

In the midst of Corona virus, hundreds of Singaporean Foreign Citizens (WNA) are still coming in and out of Batam every day. Here's the total number.
Arrival gate conditions at Sekupang International Port, Batam City. Riau Islands Province, Tuesday (03/17/2020). - In the midst of Corona virus (Covid-19), hundreds of Singaporean Foreign Citizens (WNA) are still coming in and out of Batam every day.

Until the last two days, Thursday (3/26/2020) there were 164 foreigners entering and leaving Batam through Batam Center International Harbor, Harbor Bay, Marina, Nongsa and Sekupang International ports.

Even if compared with the previous day, Wednesday (3/25/2020), the number of international ferry passengers was recorded as 133 passengers.

That number has increased by 31 people.

That was based on data obtained from Head of Public Relations of Batam City Port Authority (KSOP), Anina, Friday (3/27/2020).

"From the data we receive from all port posts, it is accumulated data, the number of foreigners coming and going from Batam," Anina said.

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While for ships operating in sailing, there are currently 18 ferry trips.

The details are Batam Center 12 trips, Harbor Bay 2 trips, Marina 1 trip, Nongsa 1 trip, International Sekupang 2 trips.

It is known that the decline occurred significantly.

If compared to before, there were 160 ferry trips. (

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