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Malaysia Lockdown Status Extended, Indonesian Citizens Return to Indonesia Through Batam

In the midst of Corona virus outbreak (Covid-19), thousands of Indonesian Citizens flocked back to Indonesia through Batam. Here's the details of them Putra
ILLUSTRATION Indonesian citizen (WNI) from Malaysia when they was at Tanjungbalai Karimun Port, Sunday (3/22/2020) afternoon. - In the midst of Corona virus outbreak (Covid-19), thousands of Indonesian Citizens flocked back to Indonesia through Batam.

Up to the last two days, Thursday (03/26/2020) there were 1,364 Indonesian Citizens entering Batam through Batam Center International Harbor and Batam Harbor Bay.

Compared to the previous day, namely Wednesday (03/25/2020) the number of international ferry passengers was recorded at 1,086 passengers.

That number has increased by 309 people.

This was said by Head of Public Relations of Batam City Port Authority (KSOP), Anina, Friday (3/27/2020).

"From the data we receive from all port posts, it is accumulated data, an increase in the number of Indonesian Citizens entering Batam," Anina said.

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The Indonesian Citizens who enter Batam, are Indonesian Citizens who work in Malaysia.

"So our citizens who work there, both those who trade and migrant workers return to Indonesia. Through the port door, because Malaysia has a lockdown," explained Anina.

For data as of Friday (3/27/2020) today, Anina claimed to give more news.

"The data has not been recapitulated," she said. ( Lumbantobing)

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