A 3.8-Year-Old Toddler in Batam Exposed to Corona Virus, Contracted from her Father

Batam City Government again announced the addition of positive patients Covid-19 in Batam, Saturday (05/16/2020).
Covid-19 Update - Batam City Government again announced the addition of positive patients Covid-19 in Batam, Saturday (05/16/2020).

This data is the result of a swab examination by the BTKLPP Batam analyst team, based on the results of sweeping contacts related to the number 32 Foreign Citizens' patients who died.

The team obtained a positive swab test result on a sample of one girl from Batam, still a toddler, and was assigned as patient number 54 in Batam

The history of the patient's disease numbered case 54 is as follows:

The patient numbered 54 was a 3.8-year-old girl with the initials "ZL". 

The toddler who lives in the Masjid Complex in the Sungai Harapan region, Sekupang, Batam is the son of a positive patient confirmed number 45.

Following up on the tracing of case number 32, ZL together with her mother and six siblings was examined RDT by the Sekupang Health Care Covid-19 Handling Team, on May 5, 2020. The RDT results were declared non-reactive.

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After the father confirmed positive for Covid-19, ZL again underwent swab sampling with his mother and six siblings on May 14, 2020. The swab sample test results obtained today stated that he was confirmed positive for Covid-19, while his mother and six siblings obtained negative results. 

Until now, Covid-19 patient number 54 is still in a stable condition without complaints of significant health symptoms. However, independent isolation of those concerned has been implemented in the supervision of the Sekupang Community Health Covid-19 Handling Team, Batam.

The mother and ZL's six siblings have also been scheduled by the Covid-19 Handling Team, to take a throat swab test for the second time in the near future. 

With the information related to the new case numbered 54 in Batam City, it can be concluded that the spread of Covid-19 is still possible with various clusters and new cases arising from local transmission. 

( Sekar Utami) 

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