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The number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) continues to increase. In fact, today, Tuesday (9/1/2020), the number of ...

Map of the distribution of Covid-19 cases in Batam, Saturday (30/8/2020) 

Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri, BATAM - The number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) continues to increase. 

In fact, today, Tuesday (9/1/2020), the number of Covid-19 cases became 667 cases in Batam

There are the addition of 4 new patients in Batam

Head of the Health Division of the Batam Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force who is also the Head of the Batam Health Service, Didi Kusmajadi, said today's additions were sloping. 

However, for the next day, there is a possibility that it will increase again if Batam people are less disciplined during the adaptation period for new habits today. 

"Today it is sloping, however, the total cases in Batam have reached 667 cases and it is possible to continue to rise," said Didi in a written statement, Tuesday (1/9/2020). 

Didi said, 4 new cases were still dominated by health workers, namely from the Embung Fatimah Regional Hospital, patient number 664 Batam with the initials AM (39) who was a close contact with the environment where he was assigned. 

Then, the patient number 665 Batam, with the initials MTWH (26) who is also a health worker at the Embung Fatimah Hospital.

"Currently, both of them have undergone isolation at the Embung Fatimah Regional Hospital with a stable condition and absolutely no significant disturbances," said Didi. 

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
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