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The Batam-Bintan Bridge is Proposed to Be Named of Kelana Jaya Putera

Bahtiar Baharuddin proposed the name Batam-Bintan Bridge when he visited one of the piling points in Punggur, Batam, Tuesday (12/1/2020). 

TRIBUNBATAM.ID/Roma Uly Sianturi
Bahtiar Baharuddin made the first marking for the construction of the Batam-Bintan Bridge in Punggur, Batam, Tuesday (12/1/2020), BATAM - Meanwhile, the interim Governor of the Riau Islands (Kepri), Bahtiar Baharuddin proposed Kelana Jaya Putera to be the name of the Batam-Bintan Bridge.

The government has determined that the Batam-Bintan Bridge will be built in 2021. 

Bahtiar Baharuddin proposed the name Batam-Bintan Bridge when he visited one of the piling points in Punggur, Batam, Tuesday (12/1/2020). 

Batam-Bintan Bridge will connect four islands, namely Batam, Tanjung Sauh, Buau Island and Bintan. 

"I propose the title of nobility who previously moved the center of the kingdom to Riau Lingga Johor Pahang, whose name is Kelana Jaya Putra. 

"This is just a suggestion, which will determine the leadership," said Bahtiar. 

Bahtiar said that he had toured the archipelago province and found buildings, airports and other strategic buildings named for figures from the Riau Islands

For example, like Raja Ali Haji and Raja Haji Fisabilillah. 

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However, there is no building with the name Kelana Jaya Putra.

In fact, according to Bahtiar, Kelana Jaya Putra got the title at the first youth meeting. 

Meanwhile, the initial stage of bridge construction is planned to start in 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2023.

In the meantime, the bridge that connects Batam Island, Tanjungsauh Island, Buau Island and Bintan Island is planned to be built using funds from the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN), and does not rule out involving investors. 

It was agreed that the height of the bridge is 40 meters above sea level. This is the highest bridge and will become an icon.

He continued, if the four islands are connected, then law and economy will also be connected. (*) 

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