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Maxim Participates on Online Transportation Business in Batam, Rustam: Don't Be Violent

Head of the Batam City Transportation Department, Rustam Efendi said don't be voilent again for Maxim to be Online Transportation Business in Batam.

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Rustam Efendi, head of transportation department - The Head of the Batam City Transportation Department or Kepala Dinas (Kadis) Perhubungan Kota Batam, Rustam Efendi, spoke about the 'commotion' related to Maxim's entry into the online transportation business in Batam.

Rustam said it would continue to conduct surveillance related to polemics caused by the presence of Maxim in Batam.

"Don't be voilent again. Principle permits have been given to 13 business entities, but if they (Maxim) are not directly joined, just regist to the Riau Islands Transportation Department, "he said.

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Rustam said, supposedly Maxim's side could choose cooperative to fulfill operational requirements in Batam City.

According to him, this is important for the commotion, related to the online taxi polemic in Batam will not be repeated.

"It's been quite noisy yesterday. But if it's indeed illegal said by Frengki from Riau Islands Transportation Department, that means Maxim is Illegal, "he continued.

Rustam also admitted that the matter of licensing online taxis in Batam had been given to 13 existing special transportation business entities.

In addition, Rustam added, the 13 business entities have conducted KIR trials to request operating permits.

"Business entities are safe, have tested KIR as well and have taken care of SPJK (Vehicle Type Determination) as well. So here Maxim, don't be voilent again to them" he added (

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