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Decreased, Today's Antam Gold Price Hit IDR 771,000 per Gram, Check the Price List!

The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) has decreased today. Compared to the previous day's gold price on Wednesday which reached IDR 772,000.

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Ilustration of Antam's gold - The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) was quoted from the Antam Precious Metals website,, Thursday (29/08/2019) with the latest change at 08:04:18 recorded at IDR 771,000 per gram.

The gold price has decreased by IDR 1,000 compared to the previous day's gold price on Wednesday (8/28) which reached IDR 772,000.

Meanwhile, the buyback price or price obtained when selling Antam gold by gold bar holders today is IDR 699,000 or an increase of IDR 1,000.

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Before experiencing a price decline, since Friday (23/8) the price of gold was at IDR 751,000 per gram, and continued to increase until it reached its highest value on Monday (8/26) at IDR 774,000 per gram.

Although it had experienced a price increase, based on monitored from the page the price of gold also decreased but not significantly.

Here are Antam's gold prices in other fractions, today, Thursday (8/29/2019):

0.5 gram: IDR 410,000

1 gram: IDR 771,000

5 grams: IDR 3,675,000

10 grams: IDR 7,285,000

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