Oxley Convention City, A New Central Business District Near Singapore

Oxley Convention City developed by a Singapore developer and operated by PT Oxley Karya Indo Batam, a project that integrates five types of property.

Oxley Convention City, A New Central Business District Near Singapore
Oxley City Convention Tower on Raja H. Fisabilillah Street, Batam Center, Batam City - The rapid development of property business in Batam is very promising, not only luring local developers or national developers in offering and building residential products to the people of Batam.

Even the contribution of developers from other countries is now also lured to develop and market the residential products to citizen of Batam City, one that has realized the development of investment in Batam City is Oxley Convention City project located on Jalan Raja H. Fisabilillah, Batam Center, Batam city.

Developed by a Singapore developer and operated by PT Oxley Karya Indo Batam, the Oxley Convention City Batam project is built on an area of ​​2 hectares with investment up to trillions.

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"Seeing Batam City, which borders neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, makes Batam City a magnet to attract people, both local and foreign, to own or attract property," said Oxley Convention City Project Manager, Aldrin Tai.

Oxley Convention City is a project that integrates five types of property in one area (5 in 1), namely apartments, convention centers, hotels, office towers and exclusive commercial areas.

"At present the construction of the Oxley Convention City project foundation has reached 98 percent, the installation of piles as a foundation will be completed in September 2019," said Aldrin Tai.

The foundation is a very important part and must be very considered because it is the basic part to make a good and sturdy building.

This is the only project in Batam developed by the Singapore-based developer will be developed on two floors, where in the first phase are 32-story tower A and B will be built with 1,193 units, food street, and an expenditure center.

Then the second stage of development will replace C tower, office tower, 4-storey mall and convention center.

Batam City Oxley Convention Marketing Manager, Gloria Yang explained that the first construction was completed in July 2022 and for the second construction to be built in December 2024.

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