Three Advantages of Investing in Nuvasa Bay Batam

Sinar Mas Land continues to develop the Nuvasa Bay project, covering an area of ​​228 hectares. Nuvasa Bay will provide multiple benefits for investor

Three Advantages of Investing in Nuvasa Bay Batam
Construction of Apartment Buildings in Nuvasa Bay, Nongsa - As the biggest developer in Indonesia, Sinar Mas Land continues to develop the Nuvasa Bay project, covering an area of ​​228 hectares to become the largest and most complete independent city in Batam.

With very careful planning, Nuvasa Bay will provide multiple benefits for investors.

"The first advantage of investing in Nuvasa Bay is the capital gain from the increase in property values. One of the potential benefits is seen from strategic location of Nuvasa Bay in Nongsa area, which can be reached in just 30 minutes from Singapore via the Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, 15 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport, and going forward only 15 minutes to Nuvasa Bay from Batam Center through the outer ringroad bridge, "said Margiman, Division Head Batam & Karawang Sinarmas Land.

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The second advantage gained is Nuvasa Bay as a vacation home for families.

Nuvasa Bay has a 1.2 km coastline offering a variety of activities that give property owners a different experience.

The extraordinary natural scenery to the blue Nongsa beach and the green Palm Springs golf course, as well as the Seaforest Adventure family playground, make Nuvasa Bay an ideal place for a vacation with the family.

"The Nove dwelling is Nuvasa Bay's first cluster that offers a variety of facilities that can be enjoyed by its owners such as swimming pools, gyms, sky gardens, jogging tracks, parks, and many other facilities. Unit owners can also enjoy the beauty of the beach with views that directly lead to Singapore, exercise at Palm Springs Golf, or enjoy exciting activities at Sea Forest Adventure with family, "said Margiman.

Another big potential for owning a Nuvasa Bay property is the opportunity to rent out property to tourists.

Nongsa is currently a leading tourism destination in Batam that attracts local and foreign tourists, so natural resorts are an advantage that can be highlighted here.

Batam City Tourism Department also continues keep provide support to increase tourist visits to Nongsa.

In the future, Nongsa's potential will be increasingly visible. Moreover Nuvasa Bay currently has one of the best golf courses in Batam, Palm Springs Golf.

With players coming from various countries, needs for lodging will increase, and this is a potential opportunity for owners of The Nove units to rent out their residences.

Aside from being a tourism destination, Nongsa area will also be developed as a digital economic development area, especially start-up, so it will attract a lot of workers.

"One more thing, potential for rental properties in Nuvasa Bay is very high. In addition to the large number of foreign players that playing on the Palm Springs golf course who need a place to stay, Nongsa is also now the center of digital economic development in Batam. These digital workers certainly need shelter that can meet their needs, and The Nove, Nuvasa Bay is the right choice, "concluded Margiman. (*)

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