Keeping Water Supply to Customers, This Is What ATB Do

As a manager of clean water in Batam, PT Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) seeks to maintain ustainable water supply for Batam City's citizens. This how it is.

Keeping Water Supply to Customers, This Is What ATB Do
The ATB Production Team when controlling Sei Harapan Water Treatment Plant (IPA) production area some time ago, this is part of the water supply agreement to the customer 

ATB's efforts to maintain science are evidence of ATB's commitment to provide maximum service. The process of maintenance work that runs well will provide excellent service to customers.

"Of course this is part of our responsibility to provide good water supply services to customers. To customers, we also need support so that ATB can always provide the best," hoped Maria.

Maintaining water supply to customers in order to increase quantity, quality and continuity, is not only limited to doing regular maintenance.

ATB also pressures the leakage rate to a lower level. ATB's Non Revenue Water (NRW) in 2018 showed that the leakage rate was 16.6 percent and was the lowest leakage rate in Indonesia.

"The level of leakage is a measure of the performance of water companies, ATB has proven that with the lowest numbers in Indonesia. Moreover, Batam does not have abundant water resources like elsewhere, which must be utilized efficiently," Maria said

ATB also innovates information-based technology that is built by internal ATB employees. Starting from the development of Geographic Information System (GIS), the Internet of Things (IoT) for almost all processes.

Assisting operations in the field starting with production, distribution and leakage, ATB has utilized technology and system integrase 4.0.

"Through the transfer of information technology, ATB is currently the benchmark for the best drinking water company in Indonesia," concluded Maria. (*)

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