Keeping Water Supply to Customers, This Is What ATB Do

As a manager of clean water in Batam, PT Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) seeks to maintain ustainable water supply for Batam City's citizens. This how it is.

Keeping Water Supply to Customers, This Is What ATB Do
The ATB Production Team when controlling Sei Harapan Water Treatment Plant (IPA) production area some time ago, this is part of the water supply agreement to the customer - Managing limited raw water into clean water is not an easy job, especially since Batam residents only rely on rainfall that collected in five artificial reservoirs as the only source of clean water.

As a manager of clean water in Batam, PT Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) seeks to maintain sustainable water supply. One of the efforts made is to ensure that the Water Treatment Installation or Intalasi Pengolahan Air (IPA) can run well, by doing routine maintenance, especially in the production area.

"Maintenance of the IPA area is an important step to be carried out regularly, so that clean water production can run well. Production areas that work nonstop produce clean water must have good performance. Therefore, the ATB team routinely carries out maintenance, this is an effort to always increase the quantity, quality, and continuity of service, "said ATB Head of Corporate Secretary, Maria Jacobus, Friday (8/30).

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The six IPA managed by ATB are Mukakuning IPA, Duriangkang IPA, Sei Ladi IPA, Sei Harapan IPA, Tanjung Piayu IPA, and Nongsa IPA. Among the six natural sciences, Duriangkang IPA as the biggest dam, managed by ATB is of particular concern during maintenance.

"Duriangkang IPA supplies nearly 70 percent of the water supply to customers in Batam, with a production capacity of 2,200 liters per second. Therefore, Duriangkang IPA is the backbone of water supply in Batam," Maria added.

Alternately, routine maintenance schedules are carried out by the ATB technical team. Duriangkang IPA has recently carried out maintenance work on the 2500 kVA main transformer area. This work is important to do, so that the performance of transformer as the main source of electricity in area of ​​science can run well.

"Maintenance of the transformer is the main part that cannot be separated from production areas in each IPA. Moreover, the transformer operates at full load nonstop, maintenance of the transformer is carried out to improve performance so that it can run well for the needs of clean water production," explained Maria.

Meanwhile, the schedule and type of maintenance work are adjusted to the needs of each IPA. Maintenance work is sometimes carried out on a broader scale that impacts water supply to the customer.

Like maintenance or replacement of sedimentation areas (storage tanks), maintenance of electricity areas (transformers) requires the water production process to be stopped.

"We hope that customers can understand that when maintenance is carried out at the IPA on a large scale, the supply will be interrupted temporarily. Of course this is not our intention to turn off the water or differentiate the water supply from one customer to another customer," Maria said.

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