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His Photo Become Viral, PS Batam Manager Talks About Budi Sudarsono's Contract as a Coach

Former national team player and now a PS Batam coach, Budi Sudarsono is horrendous and suddenly viral because a photo of him selling second-hand shoes

PS Batam vs PS Putra Kundur's match on Monday (8/26/2019) will be Budi Sudarsono's first match as head coach of Batam Football Association (PS). - Photo of a former national team player and now a PS Batam coach, Budi Sudarsono is horrendous and suddenly viral.

This former national team mainstay attacker was caught on camera selling second-hand shoes in one of markets in Batam called pasar seken (bekas).

Inevitably, this news also stole public attention.

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Although 'The Python Snake' has denied it, but the fans still feel concerned if this really happens.

In response to this, PS Batam Manager, Mulyadi, also gave his comments.

Former Indonesian national team player and PS Batam coach caught on camera at Batam's morning market.
Former Indonesian national team player and PS Batam coach caught on camera at Batam's morning market. (ISTIMEWA)

"(emotive laughs) Not true. It was yesterday morning they went to the market, search soccer shoes for children," he wrote via Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, regarding Budi Sudarsono's contract as PS Batam coach, he explained, till now it is still awaiting decision from PS Batam Chairman, Amsakar Achmad.

"Still waiting (for the contract) Mr. Amsakar," he continued.

He also added, until now Budi Sudarsono was with several players enjoying a vacation in Tanjungpinang City.

"They were invited by sports figures in Riau Islands. Yesterday also had a chance gone to Bintan," he said again.

Besides Budi Sudarsono, PS Batam also brought several players from Java to fill the composition of players in facing League 3 at Riau Islands Province few days ago.

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From many players who were brought in, some of them have also been sent home.

"3 of our players are asked to join 757 Kepri Jaya FC. One of them has joined on behalf of Marsel, and maybe Sandy (PS Batam captain) will follow," he said.

Previously, Budi Sudarsono's photo was viral after he was found selling second-hand shoes in one of markets at Batam City.

In this photo, Budi looks relaxed while sitting at the middle of a pile of second-hand shoes.

Had seen, the position at that time was like selling product to customers.

When contacted, Budi laughed while refuting it.

"No (selling second hand shoes), that's not right, I want to buy souvenirs," he said via telephone, Sunday (09/08/2019).

Although he did not mention details related to his contract with PS Batam, Budi had hinted that he would soon be anchored to several League 2 teams.

"There are already many offers, but we are still waiting. Selected which one is possible, after all, everyone certainly has their dreams," he continued with a relaxed tone. (

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