Head of BP Batam Mourn To Jakarta, Visit BJ Habibie's Funeral Home

Edy just landed in Jakarta tonight. He will go to the mourning house. Habibie's death leaves a very deep grief, especially for Batam.

Head of BP Batam Mourn To Jakarta, Visit BJ Habibie's Funeral Home
Head of BP Batam, Edy Putra Irawadi, BATAM - The Head of the Batam Business Entity called Badan Pengusahaan (BP) Batam, Edy Putra Irawady, plans to mourn the deceased mourning house of the former Head of Batam Authority (Otorita Batam), BJ Habibie, Wednesday (11/9) night. 

Edy said, he's just landed in Jakarta tonight. furthermore, he will go to the mourning house. 

The habibie's death leaves a very deep grief for the people of Indonesia, especially in Batam.

For Edy, the deceased is a legendary figure for Batam. It has its own impression for Batam.

"He is a national and international asset. He is an idol and role model for me especially in the development of Human Resources (SDM), Science and Technology (Iptek)," said Edy.

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"Once i told to him. I said, sir, Please, give us some motivation to be able to raise the city of Batam," recalled Edy. 

"Ever in a conversation about the development of the aerospace industry, I asked him. Why do you want to make a propeller r80, why not water cargo plane or passenger aircraft commuter in the water?, our country is comprised of islands and need the connectivity," asked Edy to Habibie. 

"then He moved his face to me, and said," It's still not efficient"," he continued. 

Personally, Edy deeply loses and grieves to the death of Habibie.

"Sir, you still have 63 hectares of land in Hang Nadim. Someday, on the land, you will definitely smile and be happy. Goodbye legend," said Edy. (Wie)

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