Six Foreign Students Learn Indonesian Language and Culture at Batam International University

Six foreign students for Darmasiswa Program of Republic Indonesia learning Indonesian language & culture at Batam International University on Tuesday.

Six Foreign Students Learn Indonesian Language and Culture at Batam International University
Vice Chancellor III of UIB Collaboration, Hepy Hefri Ariyanto (second from left) Inaugurates Six Foreign Students for Participating Darmasiswa Program of Republic Indonesia 2019 at Batam International University - Six foreign students learning Indonesian language and culture at Batam International University.

Six foreign students from Ghana, Kokombia, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco and Thailand attended the opening ceremony and orientation of new foreign students for Darmasiswa Program of Republic Indonesia at Batam International University, Riau Islands on Tuesday (09/10/2019).

The six students joined Darmasiswa Scholarship, a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia to study Indonesian, arts and culture in 64 universities throughout the country.

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"It is an honor for Batam International University to be one of tertiary institutions in Indonesia selected to carry out the task of running this program," said Deputy Rector III for UIB Cooperation, Hepy Hefri Ariyanto.

These foreign students will become students of Indonesian Language Institute for Foreign Speakers or Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) at Batam International University. They were officially inaugurated during Opening Ceremony of BIPA Student in Batam International University.

Hepy explained, these foreign students will study for one year by using learn methods that focus on Indonesian language, also provide cultural and artistic instruction. They will be taught Malay culture that is very attached to the identity of Batam City.

"The advantage for us, this scholarship can be a promotional event for Batam International University to be better known abroad and profitable Batam City to attract foreign tourists," he said.

Hendra Nugraha as Head of UIB Center Language and Culture said, Darmasiswa program which was held for the third time at Batam International University will have 5 levels of BIPA as a learning process.

"For 1 level BIPA has 100 hours of learning or about 2 months, and this program will also provide a holiday period of 1 month in December," Hendra said.

The process of teaching and learning Indonesian for foreign students is not only done in the classroom, but will also be done outside the classroom learning so that more vocabulary and knowledge for these students.

Their event was also attended by Sofia Widijakusuma Dewi as Chief of Information and Communication Section also Chief of Immigration Intelligent Section with Justinus as State Intelligence Institution of Riau Islands.

On that occasion they delivered violations and all things that must not be done by foreign students while studying in Batam City. Also clarified the visa and residence permit conditions of foreign students in Batam City.

At Opening Ceremony of this event, foreign students who took part in Darmasiswa Program of Republic Indonesia 2019 expressed their enthusiasm to get know Indonesian culture by presenting poco-poco dances originating from Manado, North Sulawesi. (*)

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