Some of Street Lights in Batam Did Not Light Up, Here's the Explanation

PJU at Jalan Sudirman precisely in front of Mediterania Housing until KDA intersection continues to blackout. This is the reasons why and explanation.

Some of Street Lights in Batam Did Not Light Up, Here's the Explanation
Visible public street lighting (LPJU) in Batam goes out at night, Sunday (11/08/2019). - The blackout of Street Lights or Penerangan Jalan Umum (PJU) at Jalan Sudirman precisely in front of Mediterania Housing until Kurnia Djaya Alam (KDA) intersection continues.

As reported previously, many people complained about blackout of PJU lights.

When confirmed regarding PJU outage, head of Bina Marga Office and Water resources Yumasnur said that blackout occurred because of widening process at the road along Jalan Raja Isa.

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"There is a widening process of the road at Jalan Raja Isa," said Yumasnur at Bina Marga office.

Yusmasnur explained the reason of PJU's blackout in front Mediterania Housing. Due the widening of road at Raja Isa from KDA intersection to Bisa Asri 1 Housing, impact to blackout of PJU lights in front of Mediterania Housing

"That's one electricity flow," said Yusmasnur

Until now, Bina Marga has coordinated with PLN Batam related to blackout of PJU. And will be resolved in the near future.

"We have coordinated with PLN Batam. Just waiting for PLN Batam to look for alternative electricity lines and to flow through the PJU there," concluded Yusmasnur.

As we know, Batam PJU Tax has increased some time ago, PPJU for housing has increased by one percent from six percent to seven percent.

While for businesses it rose by two percent from six percent to eight percent. (

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