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Interested In Batam, Singapore Investors Build Multifunction Megaprojects!

"Batam has metamorphosed into the richest and fastest-growing region in Indonesia," wrote the official website of Oxley Holdings Limited.
Rendering Oxley Convention City, in Batam, BATAM - Massive infrastructure development, strategic location, and its status as a Free Trade Zone, has triggered the industrial property and business in Batam, Kepri. 

Property developers listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, and already have a number of portfolios in the UK, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Japan and Ireland, are interested in working on the Batam area. 

They partnered with PT Karya Indo Batam to build Oxley Convention City in the area of Jl. Raja H Fisabilillah. 

"Batam has metamorphosed into the richest and fastest-growing region in Indonesia," wrote the official website of Oxley Holdings Limited 

In addition, as a catalyst, Batam has a role in embracing cross-border relations with Singapore, Indonesia's strategic partner in the long runs. 

With government support and highly competitive investment incentives, Batam is also rich with untapped potential and profitable opportunities for all investors. 

Sales and Marketing Manager, Gloria, said that the presence of this project was welcomed enthusiastically by the Batam market. This is evident from the sale of apartments until September 2019. 

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"Total of 600 units of the first tower that we marketed, 60 percent have been sold," said Gloria. 

These buyers did not only come from Batam City and its surroundings, but also from various cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and others. 

Gloria detailed, of the total 60 percent of the units that had been sold, 70 percent were bought by local consumers, while 30 percent were consumers from outside Indonesia, such as Malaysia, Singapore to China. 

The first tower includes five types, namely Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and penthouses, with benchmark prices ranging from Rp 700 million to Rp 4 billion. 

The Oxley apartment development is targeted to be completed in 2022 with a key handover process in stages. (*)

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