3 Batam Messages to President Jokowi, Complete Fligth Information Region (FIR) From Singapore

Jokowi officially continued the period of leading Indonesian. Kahmi Kepri Chairperson Surya Makmur Nasution wrote an open message for President Jokowi

3 Batam Messages to President Jokowi, Complete Fligth Information Region (FIR) From Singapore
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Chairman of KAHMI Kepri, Surya Makmur Nasution. 

Until now, ICAO decision has not been revoked and Singapore still controls the air that crosses Batam Island.

Ahead of the inauguration on October 20, Jokowi paid a state visit to Singapore and discussed FIR issue with Lee Shien Long, Prime Minister of Singapore.

It was stated that Indonesia and Singapore had an agreement to complete it as the air sovereignty for Indonesian state.

Second, in the context of developing Batam Island as an investment area, this issue of legal certainty must be top priority.

Management of Batam area until now seems inconsistent.

The practice in this field of inflow for goods between institutions is still not consolidated and neatly coordinated, even disorderly, also there is still a sectoral ego.

The policy that makes Mayor of Batam an ex officio must be intended as an effort to resolve all issues of legal certainty, especially regarding licensing, which has been overlapping or dualistic.

The licensing system must be ensured carried out simply, quickly, without complicated bureaucracy, and not high-cost.

Third, it is time for President Jokowi to make a strategic policy to make Batam waters a transhipment area.

The development of Batam waters as a transhipment area is more strategic than hunting for Batam Bintan bridge construction.

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