Rained For A While, Brigjend Katamso Road at Batuaji Batam Was Immediately Flooded

Heavy rain coming to Brigjend Katamso road. It cause puddle of water in front of Tanjunguncang Urban Village office. Motorbike riders has to careful.

Rained For A While, Brigjend Katamso Road at Batuaji Batam Was Immediately Flooded Sitanggang
Puddles on Brigjen Katamso road after heavy rains flushed Batam Batuaji, Monday (10/21/2019). - Heavy rain only briefly flushed Batuaji, Sagulung and surrounding areas, but Jalan Brigjend Katamso precisely in front of Tanjunguncang Urban Village office was immediately flooded.

The rain which flushed Batuaji and its surroundings on Monday (10/21/2019) occurred at 11:30 WIB, the rain made a puddle of water on Brigjen Katamso.

Motorists who pass, especially motorbike riders who come from Tanjunguncang to Simpang Base Camp, must be careful, because the height of standing water on Brigjen Katamso is more than an adult's ankle.

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Jalan Brigjen Katamso has been a regular subscription for flooding every time it rains heavily.

That is because there is no drainage from the highway to the drainage channel that is on the side of the road.

Stagnant water on Brigjen Katamso road is very regrettable for riders especially motorbike riders.

"This rain has finished, but just as it passed, we got splashed water," said Suhartono, a passing driver.

He also regretted that the pool of water caused sin for himself.

"We have been waiting for the rain to stop so that it does not get wet. It even got splashed anyway, how can we not shout," Suhartono said.

Regarding the puddles that often occur in front of Tanjunguncang Urban Village Office, Tanjunguncang Anwar Urban Village Head, said he had coordinated with Department of Highways.

"Now Department of Highways is building the main drainage channel, hopefully after the construction is finished there will be no more water or flooding," said Anwar. ( Sitanggang)

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