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START October 17, All Food and Beverage in Batam Must Has Halal Certificate

Starting from October 17, 2019 all food and beverage products in Batam are required have halal certificate. Batam realizing halal mandatory regulation
Sign of Halal certificate. - In accordance with Law No. 3 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantee (JPH), starting from October 17, 2019 all food and beverage products are required to have halal certificate.

Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) is an institution that is currently taking authority from MUI in terms of halal testing and certification on a product.

Responding to this, Head of Batam City Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives Department, Suleman Nababan said that his party did not question who the halal certification organizer was.

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"No problem, because we are currently following the policy from there. So far, MUI and then Ministry of Religion. What is important with the regulation is that it can be sure that MSME products are fit for consumption, "he said, Tuesday (10/22).

Suleman said that for KUMKM Department itself for the past 3 years it had received halal certificate facilitation given to 70 SMEs in Batam City.

With the presence of halal mandatory regulations, Suleman hopes that business people can get halal certificate facilities.

Related to what steps will be taken first by KUMKM Department in Batam realizing the halal mandatory regulations, Suleman said definitive first step is to conduct socialization.

"But frankly, we have not received an official letter related to the regulation," he said.

Later, if you have officially obtained the policy, Batam City KUMKM Service will certainly be conveyed to SMEs.

"Especially business people under the guidance of Batam City KUMKM Department," he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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