Through, People Could Exchange Shopping Bills Into Rupiah which has been present since January 2019, provide benefits for users, sellers and sponsors. They could change shopping bills to rupiah

Through, People Could Exchange Shopping Bills Into Rupiah
TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ISTIMEWA's CEO, Ambo Tang (center) along with members in Batam when holding Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP). - Along with the times, technological innovation is growing.

One of the latest, public could change shopping bills into rupiah coffers only with application on smartphone.

The application is which has been present since January 2019.

Dapur 12 Street Side in Batam Becomes Residents Dustbin's CEO, Ambo Tang, said the application was present as a solution to the many habits of people who throw away receipts from shopping.

" is a smartphone application from PT. Brilliant Nusantara Mandiri. We are here to provide benefits for users, sellers and sponsors, "he said when holding Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP) in Batam, Sunday (10/20/2019).

Attended by hundreds of Batam citizen at BOP event, Ambo said users can benefit only by uploading shopping bills which will be valued at IDR 2,220.

The users of application can only process uploading bills by registering as a user.

To maximize profits on application, application users can join member packages provided, such as basic, silver, gold and executive members starting from IDR 550 thousand.

Not only limited to being able get cashback from the results of uploading bills, through, users are also able to buy and sell online with maximum value of goods according to the package chosen. said Ambo also gave members the opportunity to invite other potential users with various benefits.

"For Batam there are already 2 members who excelent, a gift from to them, which is one car and one motorcycle," he said.

In this activity, also gives attractive offers for participants who were immediately interested in joining Gold members for IDR 2 million in the form of lottery go to Umrah and to Bethlehem.

"Gold members are the second level of total members we offer. The advantage is users can sell goods at maximum price of IDR 2 million and get 32 ​​customer cards that can be given to new members who register themselves, "he said.

Seeing the enthusiasm of Batam citizen, Ambo said that he was unexpected and amazed.

"It turns out that enthusiasm of Batam citizen is very positive about's efforts to help take advantage of rubbish note from shopping results into rupiah bags," he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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