Cheritan Bag Store Gives Promo Pay One Get Two Bags, Especially During Batam Great Sale 2019

Cheritan store in Batam participate Batam Great Sale event who will end precisely on 31 October 2019. His party gave special offers buy one get one.

Cheritan Bag Store Gives Promo Pay One Get Two Bags, Especially During Batam Great Sale 2019
Illustration of Cheritan Bag. - In less than 2 weeks, Batam Great Sale event will end precisely on 31 October 2019.

One of store that helped enliven the event was Cheritan, a Thai bag shop that opened its branches in Batam City.

"Cheritan itself is a bag brand from Thailand, this is the first and only store in Batam City and Indonesia," said Cheritan Store staff, Dewi, Tuesday (10/22).

Through, People Could Exchange Shopping Bills Into Rupiah

He said during Batam Great Sale event, his party gave special offers such as buy one get one free.

"So far, there are discounts for our promo every month, but this is the first time we are holding a special buy one free one at Batam Great Sale event," he explained.

For bag products that can be utilized with one-for-one promo, said Dewi only available for certain products.

The price is, visitors must spend IDR 350 thousand to get 2 pieces of tote bag.

"We have a lot of colors, red, black, gray, brown, green. The ingredients are also special, "he said.

Normally the price of a tote bag in Cheritan is priced starting from IDR 350 thousand to 500 thousand per unit.

Dewi admitted that during Batam Great Sale event many visitors shopped mainly from local residents.

"There is an increase but not too significant," he said.

In addition to selling bags in the form of an offline store, Cheritan said Dewi also sells their products in online stores and invites people to take products wholesale.

"We also sell wallets for men, pouches and backpacks starting from IDR 200 thousand," he added.

Dewi said, some of the visitors who came to her store were from mothers and teenagers.

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